Meadowood Education Center

Principal, Jewell M. Ralph  
Assistant Principal, John H. Klug 

Welcome to all Parents, Guardians, Students, and Friends of Meadowood Education Center for the 2016-2017 school year!

Meadowood Education Center creates an environment that meets academic, social and behavioral needs for students who benefit from a non-traditional setting through relevance, respect and relationships. Our vision is to empower students with relevant strategies that are essential in order to be productive in any environment.

Serving Middle School Youth of The Southwest & Northwest Areas of Baltimore County Schools
Meadowood Education Center – an alternative education program that offers students the opportunity to experience academic and behavioral success. The goals at Meadowood are aligned with the Baltimore County Public Schools’ Blueprint 2.0 for Progress:
To improve achievement for all students
                    To maintain a safe and orderly learning environment
         To use resources effectively and efficiently    

Monthly Poster Contest
Congratulations to Sections B and D on their poster contest win for
"American Education Week"
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What's Happening

    • December
      Friday 9 Half-Day Professional Development – Elementary and Middle Schools
      Close 3 Hours Early for Students – Teachers on Duty; High Schools in Session Full Day
      Thursday 15 Bill of Rights Day*
      Thursday 22 Christmas Holiday/Winter Break Begins at the End of School Day
      Tuesday 3 Schools Reopen
      Friday 13 Second Marking Period Ends – All Schools Close 3 Hours Early – Grade
      Reporting and Data Analysis** – Teachers on Duty
      Sunday 15 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s, Birthday *
      Monday 16 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s, Birthday Observed – Schools and Offices Closed
      Tuesday 17 Systemwide Professional Development Day – Full Day Planning and Preparation for Teachers with Semester Courses - Schools Closed for All Students, Teachers on Duty
      Thursday 26 Distribution of Report Cards
      Sunday 12 Lincoln’s Birthday*
      Friday 17 Half-Day Professional Development – Elementary and Middle Schools
      Close 3 Hours Early for Students– Teachers on Duty; High Schools in Session Full Day
      Monday 20 Presidents’ Day – Schools and Offices Closed
      Wednesday 22 Washington’s Birthday*








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