Principal, Jewell M. Ralph  
Assistant Principal, John H. Klug 

Welcome to all of the Parents, Guardians, Students, and friends of Meadowood Education Center for the 2016-2017 school year!                                                                                                 
 It is important that we keep our lines of communication open with the goal that we are holding students accountable for their academics, attitude, and attendance (our 3 A’s).
Remember to use the MEC point sheet and homework sheet as a means of communication if needed. The Baltimore County Public School System is working hard to maintain a secure and safe school year.
Our superintendent, Dr. Dallas Dance, has posted a new video message on the school system’s website that addresses our system’s safety policies, procedures, and goals. “The safety of students and staff is our top priority,” Dr. Dance said. “The goal is to provide our children a safe and secure learning environment and, with the help of the community, we can make it happen.” In the video, Dr. Dance describes efforts the school system is taking to enhance safety including the expansion of its Office of School Safety and Security.
A new campaign has also been launched to urge students to speak to adults about their concerns in addition to a school safety tip hotline (1- 877-636-6332).

Serving Middle School Youth of
The Southwest & Northwest Areas of Baltimore County Schools

Meadowood Education Center – an alternative education program that offers students the opportunity to experience academic and behavioral success. The goals at Meadowood are aligned with the Baltimore County Public Schools’ Blueprint 2.0 for Progress:
To improve achievement for all students
                                  To maintain a safe and orderly learning environment
                                      To use resources effectively and efficiently



  August 2016  
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